About Us

Welcome to Wildberry Wellness Spa

Wildberry Wellness spa located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Here is a Boutique Spa where the slight tones and textures embrace you and the warmth of the decoration sets the mood for your journey towards physical and spiritual well being.

Step off from the busy, disagreeable each day and handle yourself with treatments in Wildberry Wellness spa, the top Wellness spa in Ahmedabad, our facility boasts a mixture of Asian traditions and European therapies. Additionally to options like high-quality beds, town showers and bath tubs, guests will enjoy a spa and a massage salon.

The Wildberry Wellness Spa offers most rejuvenating massage services like Swedish Massage, Aroma Massage, Baliness Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Spa, Thai Massage to restore the natural balance and hydration of the body and to get rid of the pollutants and impurities. Each massage therapy has its own healing properties that are useful in treating various disorders apart from providing holistic rejuvenation.